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My best pics:
Soldier Beetle by Lady---Vengeance Lanterns by Lady---Vengeance One In A Million by Lady---Vengeance Summer Begins by Lady---Vengeance Silent by Lady---Vengeance Flamborough Beach by Lady---Vengeance

My best songs/poems:
Your StoryI'd much rather cry for you
'Cause my story is too painful to share
I'd much rather smile for you
'Cause my story is too painful to bare
So come here and I'll wrap my arms around you
Come here and I'll let your story shine
But after you share your story
Please don't ask me about mine
If only I could play the violin
I'd share my past through sorrowful chords
Vibrato on strings would be my voice
Fighting my demons with imaginary swords
Although I'm limited to words on paper
And the words aren't sung by a beautiful voice
These words make my story into a song
And this song confronts you with a choice
You can close your eyes
And pretend this is a fairytale
Pretend it's a meaningless story
That was never once true
Or you can open your eyes
And realise deep down
That the story isn't just about me
That you're the main character too
If you don't want to tell your story
As it is, spoken word to word
Turn your art into your voice
And you will always be heard
A picture speaks a thousand words
My Imaginary Boy by Lady---Vengeance Throw It AwayStop!
Put the blade down
Yes, you
Don't you think it's time for something new?
A new attitude, a new way of dealing with
The things they put you through
A new way to survive
A new way to pull you through
I know
You may not see it now
But if you hold on
You'll see
It always gets better somehow
So throw your self-destructive tool
Away and join the fight
We'll show those in pain
That there's always a light
And I know you think that no one's there
And I know you think that no one cares
But the things they said, they're not true
They're only trying to hurt you
If you go through with this
It'll only get worse
So just throw it away
So just throw the guilt away
All the anger, all the pain
All the fear and all the shame
Just throw it all away
On the edge
There's a girl stood looking down
And she's so far up
She can see the whole town
Little did she know
The very next day
They'd take back all the things they say
But now she'll never find out
Wait it out
Just wait and see
It will get better for b
A Letter To My BodyDear my body,
Here I bestow an official apology for all the things I put you through.
The spirits, substances and so-called foods that you are forced to consume and digest against your will.
For every last hormone-changing pill.
For every time I slide a razor across your tender skin to cut back hair again and again.
For every time I deprive you of sleep when you are already so deprived of energy. And then the days when I refuse to get out of bed and so you miss the sunlight.
I apologise for wanting to hurt you when I'm in need of emotional rehabilitation.
For biting the skin on your fingers when I'm nervous.
For previously feeding you the carcasses of once living beings even when deep down I felt it was wrong to do so.
I'm sorry for putting you in such danger of hearing damage - through all the times I listen to my iPod with the music blaring loudly through my earphones, and the times I spend at the front rows of concerts, the speakers so powerful I can feel the vibrations running thro
The CrowdThe crowd told me to wear a skirt
I wore my spiky shorts
The crowd told me "keep to yourself"
But I express my thoughts
The crowd told me to have blonde hair
I dyed it blue and pink
The crowd told me to watch TV
I chose instead to think
The crowd told me to like dubstep
I listen to The Cure
The crowd told me to drink cows' milk
But I don't see what for
The crowd told me to say I'm straight
But that's only half true
The crowd told me to have a baby
But I don't want to
Now the crowd are closing in
Calling me a freak
Now the crowd want me to conform
I'm too tongue-in-cheek
Now the crowd hate my differences
I don't think I care
Now the crowd are sick of me
And these strange clothes I wear
Now I'm looking for someone
That feels the same as me
Now I'm looking for someone
Who wants to feel more free
Now I'm looking for someone
Who's strange and kind and true
Now I'm looking for someone
But is that someone you?
Big vs SkinnyYou say that big is beautiful
That it's the new 'in thing'
You talk about how nice I'd look
If only I weren't thin
But will you come to realise
That it really isn't right
To say that we're not big enough
And take our name in spite?
You may have gotten insults
From some idiotic men
But when you call us skin and bones
You're just as bad as them
To say that big is beautiful
Is fine and true to say
To say that big is better
Is to think a hateful way
Nothing's better, nothing's 'right'
We're built to look unique
To say we're pretty, big and skinny
That's the peace I seek
It's easier to get along
When we're not starting fights
To see the wars of big vs skinny
Aren't such pretty sights
So lets find a happy medium
To stop this pointless hate
Let's have respect for everyone
No matter what their weight
And when we all abide by this
We'll see what happens then
A world full of less hate and fear
And more friendship again

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